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Sincere gratitude to all those who have assisted us so generously and competently in the preparation of this volume:

To Father Robert P. Maloney, C.M., Superior General, for his encouragement and for writing the Preface of this book;

To Father Joseph L. Levesque, C.M., Provincial Superior, and Father Stephen M. Grozio, Assistant, for their support during this entire project;

To Sister Virginia Ann Brooks, Visitatrix of the Province of Emmitsburg, for permitting us to work on the editing of the writings of Father McCullen;

To Father Miguel Pérez Flores, C.M., for his assistance with quotations from the Spanish edition of Coste;

To Father Paul Henzmann, C.M., Archivist of the Congregation of the Mission, Paris, for verifying so many quotations from the French edition of Coste;

To Father William W. Sheldon, C.M., for installing the equipment and for his many helpful suggestions;

To Father Joseph McClain, C.M. who read every word of the manuscript and whose comments were very helpful;

To the readers who have given us the benefit of their knowledge and skill: Sister Cecilia Connelly, Sister Aloysia Dugan, Sister Margaret Flinton, Sister Marie Poole and Sister Joan Marie Waters;

To Sister Maureen Beitman for the cover design;

To Sister Joan Marie Waters and Kitty Kessler for their assistance with the proof reading;

To all those Daughters of Charity, Priests of the Congregation of the Mission, relatives and friends whose prayers and support have made this work possible.

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