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I am delighted to present to you this work, which contains many of the homilies and talks that Father Richard McCullen gave during his twelve years as Superior General.

Most members of the large Vincentian Family--priests, brothers, sisters, lay men and women--have had the pleasure of hearing Father McCullen speak. As someone who listened to him often, I can attest personally to the impact that his words, accompanied by the witness of his life, have had on me. This book brings together in a very well-organized and convenient form, a significant number of his talks.

I congratulate Sister Mary Ellen Sheldon and Sister Eleanor McNabb not only for placing this very useful work in our hands, but for winning the gentle battle they had to wage because of Father McCullen's reluctance to have his works published. Having enjoyed the sisters' presence here in Rome myself, and having benefitted enormously from their service to me as Superior General, I had no doubts from the start that they would prevail!

I encourage the reader to digest this book well by taking small daily bites. Father McCullen's talks were meant to be listened to one by one on separate occasions, not read back-to-back in a few sittings. They should be very useful to all of us who live in the Vincentian tradition as a source for meditation.

Finally, I want to express my deepest gratitude to Father McCullen for the gift of his writings, his preaching, and his example to the Vincentian Family. We are very much the richer for the beauty of his words and the depth of their meaning.

Robert P. Maloney, C.M.
Superior General
September 27, 1994

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