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Deep Down Things

Table of Contents
Editor's Note
First Talk as Superior General
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
Silence and Prayer
Cordial Respect
Accept People as They Are
Easter Letter--Hope
Fragrance of Consecrated Lives
The Prodigal Son
Jesus Christ in the Modern World
Christian Joy
Advent Letter--Incarnation
Christian Family in the Modern World
Divine Secrets
Wonder in Our Lives
How to Spend Lent Profitably
Lenten Letter--Stability
New Year's Day in the Community
Counsels to Sister Servants
Love in Spirit and in Truth
Advice to Seminary Directresses
Spiritual Weapons
Union and Collaboration
Silent, Undeviating Loving God
Funeral Mass for Father William M. Slattery, C.M.
Our Lady, Beautiful Spiritually and Physically
Centenary of the Foundation of the C.M.
Agape of Love
Spiritual Role of Provincial Directors
Parable of the Lost Coin
Advent Letter--Loss and Gain
Die Between Two Pillows
Mountain of Perfection
Holy Year of Redemption
Listening Heart
Fiftieth Anniversary of Priesthood
Crisis of Faith in the World Today
Liberation Theology
Lost Sheep
Four Dimensions of Human Existence
Hound of Heaven
Death of St. Vincent de Paul
Guardian Angels
Parable of Good Samaritan
Pray With Heads and Hearts
Frederic Ozanam
Advent Letter--Humility
Sanctification Continues
Lenten Letter--Unity
Martyrs of Angers
New Page 23
Last Supper Continues
Lord, What Do You Want Me to Do?
Sick and Elderly Sisters
Hardening of Spiritual Arteries
Presence of God
We Die as We Live
Wait on the Lord
Pilgrim Status
Nature of Pilgrims
Vocation of Vincentian Brothers
Blessed John Gabriel Perboyre, C.M.
Poverty and Riches
First and Second Commandments
Advent Letter--Gentleness
God's Questions
Lenten Letter--Silence
Fragile Gifts of God
Voice of Conscience
Lenten Season Thoughts
Vows A Wall of Fire
Resurrection of Our Lord
Suffering for the Faith
Centenary of the Province of Great Britain
Blessed Sacrament
Conquer Evil with Good
Speak, Lord, Your Servant is Listening
Mountains Speak to Us of God
Nothing is Impossible with God
Greatness of the Priesthood
Burning Love for the Poor
Three Ways to Look at Christ on the Cross
Simon, the Pharisee
Evangelical Poverty
Led by the Spirit
Advent Letter--Divine Goodness
Alpha and Omega
A Sense of Thanksgiving
Foundation of the Daughters of Charity
The World of Youth
Radiance in the Features of the Poor
Lenten Letter--Language of the Cross
Secrets of God
Displaced Persons
It is the Lord
Youth Vibrate with Inquiry
Interceding and Sending
Walls Protect and Divide
Our Lady, Help of Christians
God's Will at Every Moment
Our Lady Of Victories
Grace of Compassion
Stress in the Priesthood
A Priest's Spiritual Odyssey
Advent Letter--Openness of Mind and Heart
Story of our Lives
Questions to the Magi
Little Lights Shining in the Darkness
New Page 19
Lenten Letter--Holiness and Humility
True Dialogue
Current of Change in the Church
Not Afraid, Just Ashamed
Golden Jubilee of Vincentians
Challenges Facing Us
Independence Related to Jesus Christ
Sense of the Transcendent
Wrestling with God in Prayer
Grace of Serenity
Our Lady in the Mystery of Life
Red and White Martyrdom
Assumption of Our Lady
Pilgrimage to Knock
Advent Letter--Restore All Things in Christ
Bear the Beams of God's Love
Centenary of Philadelphia Province
Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple
Lenten Letter--Obedience
God's Surprises
St. Jeanne-Antide Thouret
The Most Holy Trinity
The Blood of Christ
The Messiah Among Us
Conferral of Doctoral Degree
Blessed Ghebre Michael
Pilgrimage to Jerusalem
Movement from Activity to Solitude and Prayer
Attitude of Servant
Advent Letter--Poverty
Lighted Candles in the Darkness
Being Occupied is Different from Being Busy
Called by Name to Be with Him
Moral Courage
Foundation of the Congregation of the Mission
Jesus Christ Casts Out a Demon
Blessed Marie Anne and Odile
St. Vincent the Educator
Jesus Christ Cures the Paralytic
The Least of Christ's Brethren
Source of Strength and Energy
Our Lady, Reflect her Light and Love
Every Sin Has Its History
Love and Obedience
On the March to the Year 2000
Spiral of Violence
The Two Great Commandments
St. Joachim and St. Anne
The Lord's Prayer
Laborers in the Vineyard
Vincentian Principles in Education
Live the Mystery of the Assumption
Money, A Good Servant but a Bad Master
True Liberation
Messages and Messengers
Priest--A Messenger of God
Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Most Holy Rosary
Characteristics of a Saint
Priests Must Be Gospel Men
An Urgent Invitation
Living Sanctuaries
Advent Letter--Identify with Christ
Evangelization of Peoples
Freely Have You Received, Freely Give
The Stooping of God
New Page 1
The Women's Christmas
Lenten Letter--Celibacy
Providence of God
Renewal of Vows
Vincentian Ministry to Clergy
Seventy-Fifth Anniversary
Disciples on the Road to Emmaus
Vocation and Mission of Women
Three Graces of Mary
Mountain of Joy
Shaping our Eternity
Youth: Each One a Missionary
A Tiny Speck of Blue
Foolish Virgins
The Problem of Hunger
Feast of Christ the King
Advent Letter
Meekness and Humility
First Holy Communion
Dance of Life
Lenten Letter
Do the Best We Can
Pharisee and Publican
Living our Vows
Servant of the Lord
Something Lost
Spiritual Testament of St. Louise de Marillac
Martyrs of Arras
Jesus Christ Cures the Leper
Story of a Soul
Do Whatever He Tells You
The Prodigal Son
Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes
A Gospel of Delicacy
A Great Figure of Human Perfection
What are You Seeking?
Envy and Jealousy
Limitations and Compensations
The Dignity of Women
God is Concerned about Me
Advent Letter--Community Life
Service to God
Taking Risks
Contemplatives in Action
Look Forward and Backward
Giving Without Measure
A Council of Change
Hidden with Christ in God
Beginnings are Almost Imperceptible
Leading Others to Christ
The Centurion
Security - Insecurity
God's Generosity
The Immaculate Conception
God With Skin On
Discovery of Shepherd of Jericho
Typical Day in the Life of Jesus
Marriage at Cana
The Balance of the Cross
Significance of Candles
Centenary of Vincentian Presence
Lenten Letter--Mortification
Blessed Francis Regis Clet
Opinion Polls
Social Justice
Patron Saint Should Not be a Signboard
Every Christian Should be a Preservative
Three to Get Married
Rich Young Man
Our Table of Values
Altar of Sacrifice
Countering Atheism and Agnosticism
New Hope
God's Work of Art
Good Shepherds
Fear Not
The Poor Poor
My Face is My Fortune
Interview At the End of a Twelve Year Mandate

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